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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Photo update

My take on a  banner in my lovely Scandinavian Felt Book.

Hanging under where the shelf is coming over the doorway -soon, hopefully!!!

The bargain Riverdale Lamp hanging over the coffee table - yes!!!

So I have been busy this weekend, finishing off the hanger and getting it up in the doorway. Possibly not its final resting place but it will be in the doorway for sure. We have two doors into the kitchen in an incredibly small space, so it is not practical to have them both in situ, so making it more of a feature is our answer. And then you can see how full the shelves are now...and how I need some more......
maybe the two sides ought to match more? (think you probably told me this in the beginning, right?!)
And finally the super lamp I found with Jackie when we were in Zwolle. Needs a proper ceiling rose to finish it off of course, but then it will be perfect. The list of DIY projects is growing I'm afraid, dear!!!
I have decided Finka's blanket requires more squares so they are winging their way towards us this coming week. Three extra colours ought to do it, as that gives me 9 more squares and enough wool for the joining in etc. Since I gave her the old cardie to sleep under last night I am even more determined to get this done for her as soon as possible - she lives for warmth!!
Well, I stayed in bed for an unusually long time this morning due to weeks of poor quality sleep, and even though I was resting, I still feel tired with prickly eyes and not much oomph right now! But it's Sunday and I am allowed to feel lazy aren't I?
Sue xx

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