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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Blanket progress

has now ceased temporarily because I need more wool!! Each ball was enough for 3 squares with bits left over for the eventual joining together, but it was not large enough even for our tiny cat!! So this evening she is tucked in under the warmth of an old cardie of mine as compensation for having to wait a while longer for her very own blanky. Aah............
at least it will allow me some time to work out how I have to make the squares sit next to one another, either in single chain or sewn; not sure which is the best method? Advice gratefully received please.
On the other hand, delays in crochet benefitted my felt hanger's progress, and I am pleased with how that is looking already. It's tricky but  I am hoping to have made a very nice hanger for the finished bookcase-over-the-doorframe, and getting another celebrating winter project completed. My Christmas cards are going well, so that is not a concern, and I am wrapping presents as I buy them, because even though I won't be able to buy many this year, I do try my best to wrap them beautifully! So my friends will have to appreciate the time and effort that has gone into their tiny gifts this year; extra specially!!! Its going to be a very homemade Christmas!!!
Sue xx

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