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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Morning walk

This morning I walked to the post box and back through the park near our house.

It was still rather misty and a little chilly and the park was peaceful.

The deer were sheltering by the far hedge and stared back at me through my lens.

Almost there and a timely bench for a little sit.

I drive along the other side of this water to get home and out again.

Through the middle of the village lies this sloot.

And on the banks someone had left their bicycle once upon a time!!!!

It was a lovely walk, and on the way home I called by my neighbours for several cups of coffee and a two hour chat!! Oh, it was lovely and warm in their house!!! I am just back again and it's after twelve, so that was the whole morning gone by. And very pleasant too.
Yesterday afternoon I was very poorly - and so since then I have not been able to eat a thing. My tummy is rumbling like crazy right now  but I dare not risk eating something yet. Give it time to settle properly, eh? Good for my diet; 4,5 kilos off so I am going well!!! Still a way to go to reach the desired 10kilo mark . . . . and my walk was all in aid of this goal. Actually it did me good to get outside as tomorrow I am working and Friday too, so two days cooped up indoors again. 
I sat and watched the first DVD of Downton Abbey yesterday. I know, I am lagging behind everyone else, but I have made a start and will be beginning with number 2 soon. The series is being shown here on Saturday nights but it clashes with Strictly and Merlin so I have no choice!! Wish I had a recorder . . . Sue xx


Ineke said...

Mooie herfstfoto's, Suzanne!
Ik heb alletwee de series van Downton Abbey hier... :-/ Geweldige serie! Waarom woon je nou zo ver weg!

Captainsushi said...

It looks so nice and peacful there! I can imagine morning walks there would be great =)