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Friday, 18 November 2011

Busy week

working so not much time to post. But it is all coming to an end next week when my planned work comes to an end. Always scary, and always a worry especially with Christmas just around the corner. One more week and we can break the decorations out and start turning the house into something pretty!  It is not that we overdo it; no, just the living and dining room spaces get a touch of Christmas, and there is the still the outstanding jobs to do in there as well. Think what I can do with the doorway shelf!!!!

At the moment we are shrouded in thick fog every day that has turned our world to grey and dampness. I'm feeling a little Fungus the Bogeyman right now!! Didn't you just love those books?!!! Seems a lifetime ago that I read them but the illustrations were fantastic. I've uploaded a treat from youtube - this takes me back!!! The film was amazing.
Sue xx

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