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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A pyjama day

I think!! The weather is atrocious and definitely uninviting to anyone thinking of venturing outdoors. The wind has not dropped here and it is raining; so, hot cappuccino (diet-style!) and my pj's are staying on!!
I've been busy this weekend/morning, getting the Christmas cake baked - wow, it smelt wonderful!! and making dinner last night with a dessert of Trifle ( Tim's request.) It was quite 'alchofrolic' if you know what I mean! The sherry and brandy in the cream and the cake was really great. Once a year I go into the off-licence in Enkhuizen and browse around until I find the bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream that I buy around this time. We only use it for the trifles and drinking as I bake the mince pies and prepare Christmas Dinner!! It wouldn't be the same without it...anyway, it's almost the end of November so about 28 or 9 sleeps til Christmas! I started making another bird garland on Saturday afternoon and finished and wrapped it this morning. Another present ticked off my list! Another 'creation' is in my head as I still have some leftover felt and I ought to make one more present with it.

We are proposing beginning a craft evening starting in the new year, Ann, Gebke and I. We all enjoy making things, have different hobbies, and love to get together and chat!! I suggested it when we were on our day out this week. I believe that having a regular time to get on with our hobbies increases the likelihood of actually doing them, and Gebke has already floated the idea of us doing a craft fair next year. So you never know, maybe we will!!! First though, we need to agree a day/evening/time/place etc before we can get started. I know there are 'stitch 'n bitch' groups for knitters so maybe we will call ourselves the 'laugh 'n craft girls' as it will be fun!!
Sue xx

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