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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Why Finka needs her own!!!!

What's hidden under the spare bed covers . . . .

Yes, a Finka!!!!!

Cat under the blanket on the settee...poor Genghis!!

Yes, I really have to hurry with your very own blanket, don't I?!!!

Finka's blanket has progressed to the stage of being completed as far as the squares are concerned but now I have to sew it all together! As you can see, her need is great! I was in a shop yesterday looking at the wonderful selection of goodies she always buys for her store, when we got talking to her dog..one thing lead to another and I was shown how to stitch the squares together is a way that is fine for this one.
Using a different colour wool and doing blanket stitch (what else?!). This I can do. Just need a large eyed needle. How to go around the edges is another matter but getting it all together is this weekend's task. It doesn't matter who sits on the settee with her, Finka always tries to bury under the red, so c'mon, get it done!
Sue xx

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