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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Team day out

Yesterday I joined the rest of my colleagues for a 'surprise' day out in Amsterdam. We started off with a guided tour of the Jordaan followed by an entertaining afternoon learning/acting/singing in the local dialect. Was that difficult for me? Yes!! It was quite hard getting my tongue around some of the sounds and stresses on the pronunciation - give me some broad Yorkshire any day! - and once we had learnt it we had to perform it. Oh yes, dressed up as well. My kind of thing? - no! We topped it off with singing Smartlappen liedjes which roughly means the sort of songs people sing on pub crawls crossed with folk songs. Once we had completed this we walked to another part of the city for a really good meal at BAZAAR. There was so much food! It was all excellent though being an oldie, I would have preferred the music to have been more background than disco volume, but all in all it was a very pleasant day. I do feel that the next event ought to be on my home turf - see how they get on with a Barnsley accent!!!!
Sue xx

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