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Sunday, 20 November 2011

past & present

My Guide Camp Blanket for Becci.
 Becci is going to get my camp blanket in a couple of weeks time when I go to see her, so I spread it out on the bed yesterday to see what kind of state it was in. I think I found badges etc going as far back as age 7 - so  long time ago!! I started off as a Brownie in Ilkley, Yorkshire and then in Shoulden and Walmer, Kent. It is so great that now my daughter is going to continue adding her experiences to this old thing! She is going to be enrolled as a leader in Lichfield Cathedral which is pretty impressive!! I wish I was going to see that but at least I know she will be sleeping under my old treasures every time she goes camping. And who knows, maybe her little girl will eventually use it as well . . . .

Making 18 cards for my colleague...

Phew, it's coming along well I think but the blue ones are taking more time!  I am more of a traditional red and green sort of Christmas gal and have more papers in these colours than anything else. I suppose I could make it easier on myself and duplicate the designs but I like to challenge myself to do something
different on each and every one. So, I have 8 more to go . . . .

but right now it's time to get ready for Ann's birthday party!!!
Sue xx

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