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Monday, 7 November 2011

Radio Two remembers

I always try to listen to Jeremy Vine when I am at home as he usually presents interesting current affairs stories  very well. This week he has a series dedicated to the stories of some service men who died in Afghanistan, told through their music and the voices of their mothers. The first one has just ended. It was incredibly moving. And very personal and terribly brave. 11 November is Remembrance Day in England and we remember all the people who have died in all the wars we have been through. The young man today was only 19 when he lost his life out there, but he had left a letter for his family which was so mature and kind and honest, that you would want to keep it with you forever. Just to remind you that he had been happy and well-adjusted and doing the job he loved most. I will be listening tomorrow, and making that 30 minutes space in my day to pay my respects to one and all.
Sue xx

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