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Monday, 21 November 2011

"Whether the weather

will hold or turn, that is the question.
Whether the fog and ice or snow
will prevent my flight taking flight" . . . . .

Reading the news this morning was not too encouraging. Airports shrouded in mist, delays, and impending frost and SNOW??????? What's that all about?! Just hold off until after December 6th pleeeeeeeze!!
It is certainly foggy here again, and it shows no sign of easing off. It does seem to be all in the south right now so I am hoping the more northerly airports will be spared. So looking forward to going!!

So, Russell has been 'fired' (ha,ha) from Strictly and the best of the rest are left to dance it out until the semi-finals. Did you enjoy Wembley? Our review was rather mixed as to be honest, watching on TV, we lost a lot of the atmosphere and dance that the thousands in the arena probably enjoyed more. I think it was too big. Give us Blackpool every time! We are liking Harry and Aliona and Chelsey and Pasha the most. See what happens....

It's a day of chores today as so much needs to be done here in the house. I've neglected it rather in my card-making mode, so it's catch-up this morning. Still got 6 more cards to create for my colleague but then I'm done I think. The hardest thing every year is deciding which card to send to which people!!

Today sees the start of the BLACK FRIDAY WEEK on Amazon, so if you are thinking of buying pressies on the net, check out their deals for the coming 5 days as they are great!!! Mine are all lined up..
As Tim commented yesterday, our Christmas tree is already out in the attic along with the other decorations and this coming weekend we will be doing the sorting out of the lights etc, and getting ready to decorate - yey!!!
Sue xx

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