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Friday, 4 November 2011


It's been a long old week, with much tiredness and a longing for my bed!! There has been lots happening at work, in the background, and it gave me a lot to think about that's for sure. It also helped me to think and clarify what sort of counsellor/coach would suit me most. We have to determine our specialism in the second year and it always bothered me that I didn't have a particular leaning in any direction apart from the Mediation side of things. But I know now, and that gives me some peace of mind. It is really just a combination of all that I have ever learned and done, with this new approach thrown on top!! But I am not going to talk more about it here until we have discussed it in more depth at home, and I have got it sorted on paper as well as in my head.
Finka is desperate for her mini blanket and I have only three more squares to crochet before I need to learn how to stitch them together. I don't think there will be enough wool left over at this time, for any fancy border etc but I doubt she will worry too much! At the moment she is buried under the rug that we keep on the settee, for her nights sleep, so I know I have to finish it this weekend. I have also promised myself that next week is essay time, so my hobbies will have to take the back burner for a while. Emma has asked for more cards so that will be a priority, but mine can wait. I am loving the simple designs I am going with at the moment. Just ink, ribbon, text and the odd little embellishment tacked on. I put the sampler up the other day and have been surprised as to which cards turned out to be people's favourites.
Amazing how our tastes all differ from one person to another which is why I enjoy creating one-offs.

But it is almost bedtime for me, so enjoy your weekend what ever you may be doing; the sunshine of autumn is lovely for being out and about - and for me, making more soup!! (Diet going well but need to stick to it with easy recipes and short amounts of time in the kitchen!!!)
Sue xx

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