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Friday, 25 November 2011

The sands of time

are running out! Well, not literally, but there is a new gadget in the bathroom as of today, curtesy of the
housing corporation 'energy adviser', who paid me a visit this morning. He brought with him an energy box
which actually included some really great stuff. My two favourites have to be the little torch that is a penguin . . . and this sand timer for the shower!!!
I have   stuck it onto the tiles and it takes 5 minutes to run through, the idea being that we need to be in and out of the shower before that happens! Can't wait to see Tim's face this afternoon!!! I really don't think we take a long time but this is going to sharpen our timing up and hopefully add to our energy conscious household efforts! There was a book that we went through together trying to see where we could improve on our usage but have to say he complimented me on our efforts as he was unable to find anything we ought to be doing better!! He was also extremely impressed with the Slo Cooker never having heard of one before, so I think we got a 10/10 for our efforts. Now all we have to do is improve on them even more . . .
Sue xx

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