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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We've booked our seats!!!

Tim and I are going next Wednesday to watch the last Potter movie in 3D.........7pm it all kicks off!! He has been looking forward to it for such a long time, and now it is only 7 days away.............do I really have to sit there in those silly glasses though? And do I really want to watch a 3D enormous snake coming at me from right out of the screen???? I'm not sure I do! but his choice, so its got to be done. He's even got a voucher to give us lots of money off our seats!!! I'd forgotten about that so a nice surprise.

It was the last day of his first year of college today so hence the decision to go ahead and book our seats. He has got his new placement - Botman in Grootebroek - and its on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so all change. He is working tomorrow now as well, which is good news as its all money towards England, so we are happy. Happy, happy.
Sue xx

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