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Sunday, 17 July 2011

tree dreaming

I've never been great at knowing how to fit a tree into a small back garden!! But I do so want one!!! Looking over the fences of neighbouring gardens I can see that there are many different ones all flourishing and looking gorgeous, but when it comes to making a decision about ours; that takes a lot of research time!!
I have picked out two spots where I'd like to 'expand' the garden. One is on the long side towards the gate as I feel a small pretty tree there would block the line of vision and make it more attractive and interesting. In my mind I'd only need to take up about 4 of the slabs, move more soil in and plant a tree. Done! On the other side I think I'd like to take up a line of slabs and make an additional border stretch so that a tree and some shrubs etc could be planted along the fence on the opposite side. This would make it harder for Finka to climb over into next doors - a bonus indeed. Tim is keen on having some grass eventually, so I think this would all fit in ok - but WHICH TREES should we buy? I'm trying to prepare myself for autumn and buying them then as this is not the right season and I have to save first. I spend ages researching on all the various internet sites from the RHS to Eigen Huis en Tuin, but cannot decide. So, anyone got got advice or experience to share with me, let's hear it please!!!

Yesterday I made two Christmas Cards. Shocking, isn't it?!!! Don't know why really but it was awful weather outside, not a bit like summer, and I was in need of some creative activity for a change, and so I got the inks out and some stamps and made two cards. Then I stopped and decided I was better off tidying the mass of papers I have still got scattered around, seek more inspiration from magazines etc and wait until I can get some new cardstock. It was brief but enjoyable!!! :-)
Sue xx

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