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Friday, 15 July 2011

batteries are low

and getting lower so boy, am I happy that tomorrow is Saturday! The weekend cannot come quickly enough for me this week!! My first plan is to sleep in tomorrow morning.........not that I am a great one for staying in bed in the morning, cos that for me is a waste of the whole day, but the very idea of sleeping beyond 5am right now is extremely appealing!! Tim is starting at 2am so that is a 1am alarm, which I can handle as I probably won't hear him with any luck, and then silence. Bliss!! I really want to hit that 7am chime from the local church and still be in bed! Seriously, I am not adapting well to his new summer routine of 3 days 5am wake-up calls followed by the 1am on Saturday but he is happy to do it as he is saving desperately for his holiday next month. He's been asleep now for a couple of hours ( still only 9pm ) whilst I was watching some TV. nodding off every so often if I am completely honest....so I am as quiet as I can be......shush..........................

The quote today is one I can really identify with! "Everything comes in time to those who can wait. " Someone once said of me that I have the patience of angels, though it does get tested to the max on an all too regular basis, but I am not sure whether it is a good or bad thing? When is being patient a help or a hindrance? For example, I have learnt that I can be oh so patient when I am waiting for someone to open up to me in a session. That just sitting there patiently is sometimes the best thing I can do for them. However, patiently waiting for money to be paid to me for things I have done for someone, is not always helpful to my bank balance! I dislike having to coerce or nag or remind people to come up with the promised or agreed payment or goods. But how much patience can I really afford to have? Is there a statute of limitation on my patience?! How do I know when the time has come to stop being so tolerant and stand up for myself? Is it a question of having faith over patience; is that what it actually boils down to?...
I really don't know the answer so let's agree that it can swing both ways, and see the virtue in my patient nature for now, and hope that my faith or belief that my time will come stays strong.
Sue xx

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