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Sunday, 24 July 2011


I started off idly seeing whether I could change my blog around a bit and discovered that having made some changes I cannot get back to where I originally started from! Help!! Of course this sort of experimentation never takes place whilst my computer wizard is on holiday - but I looked at Inekes' holiday slideshow yesterday so KNOW that help is at hand!!!! I went into the design on blogger and into template designer because I had found a nice new background I was attempting to download using their new easy system. Phah! It is not easy for everyone.........that means me! I like the fact that I have changed the fonts etc - that is fine, but I don't like the blue heading and stripes that appear when I combine it with my own background, and I don't like my photo of the cats being off centre. See my problem? So, if you know how I can return to whence I came..............let me know!!

I had other plans for this morning but the weather put paid to them. It is awful here - more like autumn than high summer. Wind and rain and cold...........brr..its chilly indoors. I want to make another small border along the fence so that a tree can join our garden in the autumn. I trundled off to the garden centre and bought some box plants that were on sale, finally, so all that remains is for me to lift the slabs, move them out of the way and add some new soil and the box edging. But I don't have the right tool. So I have borrowed one, and want to get started! It was in my head how to do it, and once that happens, I need to get cracking! I sort of have this thing about gardening in the summer and decorating in the autumn and winter months - my indoor/outdoor split as regards work at home. Hopefully it is going to improve this week so that I can get on with it before August when I have to work my socks off. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the weather turns soon................
Sue xx

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