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Friday, 22 July 2011

quiet in blogland

Its holiday time! Well at least for many bloggers as there are far less posts around at the moment, which probably indicates the world is elsewhere. Not me, my holiday is not until next year, but my daughter goes away tomorrow and my son in 3.5 weeks time. What it does mean is that my colleagues are all about to rush off to foreign parts and I get to work in their place so August to me means WORK!!! One more week of staying home and then practically 6 weeks full-on until it comes to a standstill in mid September.  Am I ready for it? Not really but then again this has been the pattern for the past four years so I suppose I have come to expect it, and plan my holidays outside this prime time. I'm sitting here waiting to skype Becci so that we have talked before she goes away. Actually I am not feeling too well this morning with a most unsettling tummy ache, but the sun is still shining here in these parts - heard that elsewhere had torrential rain yesterday but we missed it, so no worries.
My new mobile is great! It has 'new' buttons to press which herald access to facebook, twitter,  hyves, google and all kinds of exciting things! Whether I ever learn or want to use them remains to be seen but I did achieve a facebook post from my phone yesterday which was amazing!! I went out and bought it a pretty case this morning as I am worried about the screen getting scratched etc. The man in the shop was so off when he offered me BLACK - my eyes were focused on the dainty turquoise one just to the left....in suede......yummy! Well, without having nice colours in my handbag how do you expect me to find anything?!!! It is the black hole ok Calcutta in my handbags and any help I can get to recognise purse, phone etc is welcome!
Sue xx

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