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Monday, 4 July 2011

the weekend's work!

getting it in place!
So this weekend was a busy one for us. I had the last practical day of the first year of my course, which was sad and happy at the same time. We had a delicious lunch cooked by our trainer, did some final work together, sat and talked the afternoon away, got our certificates and went home! We are starting again next February - yey!!! I am going to miss everyone and the days together but we still have plenty of work ahead so that will continue. I drove straight from there to my friends house for her son's 18th birthday, which I enjoyed, and then home to find our son fast asleep after his long days at work.
Sunday we were able to finally place the trellis for the Clematis where I wanted it, so here is Tim doing his thing!!! It is going to grow fast these coming two months and the flower buds are showing so I am very happy. It has such a delicate blue flower and is so different from other Clematii that I am glad it travelled well and has settled into Lutjebroek with us. Almost a year now - wow, can you believe it?! We will have to celebrate!!!! It may not be all smooth and easy for us yet, but my spirit feels so much lighter and I am definitely so much happier and able to be myself, that that is worth celebrating.
Sue xx

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