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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

that's it!

So, I have done with fiddling and adjusting sizes and being precise about everything..........this is how it stays for the foreseeable future!! But what is foreseeable? How far into the future can I see?....
Hope you like the changes anyway, and can live with them as I can.

Today was fun! I was totally planning a different day to the one that it turned out to be; but much better in so many ways so I am not complaining! Having got some chores out of the way before 8am Tim suddenly decided he needed to do some shopping, so we looked up the weather forecast for Hoorn and Alkmaar and decided to follow the sun! It was really nice having the morning in Alkmaar together. We haven't been for about a year, and had been thinking about the annual summer trip to buy necessary items for Tim's holiday, so it was great to do that today. He bought some good stuff and was sensible with his money which pleased us both, and had a nice lunch, though our favourite diner is no longer as nice as it was sadly....the decor has changed and it just doesn't have the same ambiance as it did with the previous owners...........but the food was still good! Anyway, on the way home we stopped at the garden centre ostensibly to buy the additional Box plants I needed, but really to look at what was on special offer etc. and came home with a little trained Cherry Tree!!! So Cherie has joined us in the garden!! Tim was handy at shifting the sand and adding the soil etc so the tree is in the ground and tomorrow I will get the Box bedded in. Then we were able to drill the holes for the nice wall hanging.........smiling faces all round!! A few shrubs are required so that the cats don't see the soil and think they are meant to be in there.............and I will take a photo or two. It rained off and on the rest of the afternoon so all this was accomplished in between showers, and there is still some work to be done before we are satisfied. Maybe that BBQ will be on the list next year.................

My friend Ineke is coming on Thursday and having read her latest blog post I am glad that what I was planning on serving us for coffee and lunch is not going to ruin her healthy eating regime, or mine for that matter!! So no worries, we will be good and enjoy the food without gaining anything!!! :-)
Sue xx

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