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Monday, 25 July 2011


with the template designer!!! It is not ideal but at least now I have some colour and a background and a photo for the title.........and I like the fonts etc so I suppose this is it for now!!! I even went so far as to watch the demo, shows how determined I am to get it right! I never watch demos and barely read instructions..........

Still raining but it was only a small amount this afternoon so Tim and I went outside and lifted the slabs ready for the new border! He only needed the tool for the first one really, then the leverage was there for the rest to get out using hands only. We decided to rearrange the table and chairs too, and I think it actually improves the overall look of the back garden. It is even starting to look like a garden! All the plants are at full strength and growth with all the rain we have been getting, and my goal to hide/cover the wooden sides of the border boxes is coming along a treat. This time we are going to edge with Box to give a more green feel to the hard paving etc. Once the trees are in to give it some height and shape, it will look so cool!! I know all this is very low budget and is taking a long time to create, but that is the challenge. Either that or Rob and his team need to come along pretty sharpish and overhaul the lot!!! Since that is a long shot from here to the moon and back, then I think we will have to make do with our slow approach, and budget buys. The satisfaction will be greater for it in my eyes anyway. There was nothing here a year ago and when we are a little further ahead with our planting I will take some photos.
Right now I am obsessing about getting out there tomorrow to dig out the sand and replace it with good quality soil!!!
Sue xx

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