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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Busy in the garden

One under, one on top of the cover!!!

Cherie, the Cherry Tree!

Picture on the wall

..eventually going to be surrounded by this creeper!!

I tidied the front whilst I was busy, too!

Our thin bit is filling up nicely now

Part of the back border
The sun timed it perfectly today as I had energy for the garden which badly needed attention after the recent rain. And with my work schedule looking pretty full on for the coming month and a half, it was time to make a start and get it all neat and tidy again. The main task was planting the tree and creating the  small border around it. I think she fits in very nicely! The larger tree will wait til autumn but this was car-sized so we upped her in, and found her a spot along the sunny side fence. The cats were not impressed as you can see - bottoms facing away from me!! I have got Bursitis in my left elbow which restricts my working too long and hard unfortunately, and at the moment it is quite painful again. Not boding well for painting a wall, which is worrying as I was finally going to start! Still will, but maybe with a bandage to support it?  The front garden is growing up fast - so handy having the sunshade already in situ when we moved in a year ago. We have them front and back and they are super handy. Sadly we don't live next door to keen gardeners, so maintaining the garden weed-free is impossible. Sometimes I feel as though I am fighting a losing battle, but then again, we want ours to look pretty so what alternative to more elbow grease is there? Exactly!! None!!!
All in all a hard days work both indoors and outside, and I am feeling pretty tired right now. I fell asleep for a while in the stool outside, which was heavenly, but a good nights sleep is what I really need tonight.
Lets hope we both get one!
Sue xx

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