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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Foo fighting!

Don't you just hate it when the 'establishment' takes you, the little person, for a ride?! That what seems to you to be simple, uncomplicated and easy to arrange, takes two months, numerous emails, phone calls back and forth, and still confusion reigns at the end of it?! I have been 'mis'-communicating with the insurance company this week, trying to sort out policy matters with them, making myself very clear ( or so I thought ) and finding that they could give a masterclass in stalling techniques when it comes to giving one their money back! Classic excuses, irrelevant and wasteful use of paper, stamps, envelopes, ink, " oh, it just happens that we were dealing with your request today, actually' ( think I believe that??? ) and still there will be no resolution until September. The final thing that was said to me on the phone was ' do you have any more questions? ' I said I might have after 1st September had arrived!! Fortunately this was all carried out in a non-violent way, and we were both able to laugh at the end of the conversation, but it is just so irritating and annoying when you KNOW they are hanging on to your money for as long as possible and just waiting to see how patient you are going to be before contacting them, and startling them into action!
Trouble is I had exactly the same experience with two other insurance companies, so I am wiser now, not so gullible, and way less patient!!

Todays duty was to face up to my essay task and start the process of completing it. Yey! I read it all and then duly made notes, then got started typing, and then stopped. It is hard work getting into the same frame of mind each time to work on something so personal and unique, as it has to do with memories, and events, and life experiences, and with the writing comes the emotions, all over again. I was surprised to find that it was shorter than I had remembered which means I need to get cracking again and whip up quite a few more soul-searching pages before I can hand it over to be tarted up and made to look pretty for the adjudicators. What I realise is that this one is a baby by comparison to the next level, which involves more than 50 pages of inner growth at Level 2, so I better get some notes down about what to include in part 2! Am I on an odyssey here?.....................an epic journey into the dark corners of my mind to dust off the cobwebs once again, and start sand-shifting my memories? I think I am!!!!
Sue xx

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