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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Tim and I have been patiently waiting for this book to be delivered for months!!! We ordered so long ago that I simply can't remember when, but it was here when I got home this afternoon, and boy, is it worth the wait!!! Everything you could possibly want to know about pastry is in this marvellous little book! Chapters are devoted to different types of pastry and both savoury and sweet dishes are included. I wanted to start baking immediately!!! I sat and read it through a couple of times when I was downstairs, lingering on some pages more than others to be honest, and wondering when I might have occasion to pick something out to make. I've always fancied having a go at Salmon Coubliac..........you might like that? Personally I love Cherry Clafoutis in the summer, with double cream...................the choice is amazing anyway, and I will definitely be browsing it further this week! Have to think of something to celebrate so that we can push the boat out and eat a really good lunch. Or dinner...............candlelit maybe? I think we are due one of those m'dear.
So it is official now - I am going to be an assistant trainer on the Counselling & Coaching International Course when it starts again in September!!! I am so excited and thrilled to have been asked to do this by my two trainers, especially after only one year, so bring it on, I say!!! I won't have to miss my monthly excursions into Amsterdam this autumn after all! Let's hope it leads to bigger and brighter things in the future.
I'm having an early night. Probably means I will wake up early tomorrow morning but that is ok, I am better able to work in the early hours than late at night, and I want to accomplish one or two things before my session tomorrow afternoon. A failure to plan is to plan to fail; isn't that sort of how the saying goes?
Sue xx


Ineke said...

Great news, you being an assistent trainer! Thumbs up!!

Jodilee said...

Well done. good news at last :)