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Friday, 29 July 2011

Lunch break!

This is my rest hour thank goodness. I have spent the morning painting the long wall in the living/dining room, and got one coat on which has pleased me immensely. I have photos to show you but they are downstairs and I am currently up in my little snug and have no energy for climbing stairs. I will add them at the end of the day, promise.
Actually I am pleased with the colour - Wimborne White - from the Farrow & Ball collection, however, the shop where I buy it makes its own alternative paint up to their colours so it is NOT the real Macoy, but just as nice! I like the eggshell finish as it wipes clean easily, and matt doesn't. That simple really. Already the room seems much lighter and brighter and I think we will enjoy it once it is all completed. We are in discussion about whether to chose another shade for the back wall or do the same white. I talked about it in the store yesterday but was not convinced with their view, so the jury is still out on this one!
Anyway I better go and get started on the second coat............makes sense to do as much as possible today, and sit with my elbow in a padded sling all day tomorrow!!! Ouch, it really is painful..........
Sue xx

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