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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lovely day

spent outside with Ineke who braved the traffic and ventured north to visit me! Having had such a lovely day yesterday I was worried it might not last but once the early morning clouds had lifted it was sun all the way. We even took Le Tour de Lutjebroek ( which takes longer than you imagine! ) before a healthy lunch and more relaxing. Finka has declared Ineke her new best friend - I think she recognises a true cat lover when she meets one, and purred and allowed herself to be stroked and stayed on her chair whilst we were outside too. It seems she is just afraid of men, restricting her favours to just one or two. Can't say I blame her!! Ineke had brought some computer gear along so that I can now watch some movies on my imac. It took a while to configure everything but she came prepared and it all worked before she left, so that is a treat in store for a rainy day. All I need to do now is buy a disc and watch it on the 'big screen' in blue-ray!!!
And I finally bought the tub of paint for one wall.......yes, the spirit moved me sufficiently to make the decision to start. The wallpaper went on in February and we are six months further along, so its time. A sort of celebration of our one year here. It feels right to do it now, make that statement, and continue moving forward. I am dreaming of that little counselling practice too.............I wish I may, I wish I might............
Sue xx

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