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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Don't you just love quotes?!!!

For Becci

For Life!

For me.
The weather has only been pleasing for ducks today, so I have spent much of it near the computer in my little snug. I finally got around to joining PINTEREST as I love that site so much!! And it was there that I found a wonderful page of quotes which I duly noted, put into my computer, printed out on my own scrapbook paper, framed and sat back to admire!! The last one is one of a pair that I will hang in the bedroom eventually. Can't afford to decorate it yet but know what colour scheme it will be, and had this lovely frame from Ikea already, so; one framed, one to do!!!! The top quote appealed to me for Becci as she is a huge Audrey fan - I can send it with Tim next month if he promises not to squash it!!! The middle one is my kind of peptalk to myself - and we all need these little reminders every so often don't we? Plan to hang it on the stairs when I have found some more to go alongside it. Y'know me; a place for everything and everything has its place!!!!
Sue xx

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