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Friday, 9 September 2011

so tired now

......and looking forward to a lie-in at long last! I am not known for my ability to stay in bed long in the morning, as I have my energy surges at this time of the day, rapidly dwindling after noon until practically zero around 9.30 in the evening! I get so much done in the morning! But even I have to admit that working a full week has left me quite exhausted and with little interest left for anything more than essential activity.
I have not been sleeping properly either with incredible dreams happening, and early alarms reminding me that we have to adjust once again to more bakery hours....and I just don't seem able to nod back off again between 4 and 6am. So tomorrow I have promised myself that I will try to stay in bed until after 8am.....if I can. And the cats don't wake me wanting their breakfast........so I came home from work and did the hard housework chores this afternoon in order to not have to scramble to get them done in the morning. I did some shopping, I washed towels, cleaned bathroom and toilet and hoovered. Done! That's the downside to a full working week for me: I hate having to do all my housework in one go!! I tend to spread it out doing a little every day, as it seems more manageable and less odorous somehow. The same tasks have to be done, but I like to take them on serenely and without haste. So right now, I deserve half an hour on the settee with my eyes closed and nothing  to disturb me what so ever!!
Sue xx

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