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Sunday, 18 September 2011

What a night!!!

Yesterday we put up the sensor light by the shed so that Tim can see what he is doing when he goes to work early doors. Whilst we were busy our neighbour told us that he was aware that people had been over into the gardens the other night looking for what they could steal so to be sure to lock up the bikes and shed etc. Anyway in the middle of the night last night I heard noises outside, woke up thinking 'this is it' but it was the other neighbours son who was trying to wake his brother up to let him inside!! He had not got his key so was tapping on the windows with a long pole . . . he didn't want to come in here to wait and was very apologetic about waking me up, but I felt sorry for him standing there in the rain. Still, nothing untoward happened so that was the good thing, only I couldn't fall back to sleep for hours! And now I am up and about but still feeling shattered. Tonight I really need to stay up longer so that once  I fall asleep I stay that way! I have another full week of work ahead, thank goodness, so no time to sit on my laurels and relax today.
By the way, the crumble was one of my best efforts!! The plums I roasted in  maple syrup were so yummy, and I added some secret ingredients to the crumble which made it scrumptious even though I say it myself! I also made proper custard which, my friends, is simply unbeatable comparing with the packet variety. So there are 4 egg whites sitting in the fridge begging to be turned into meringues today...
Sue xx

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