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Friday, 9 September 2011

So happy!!

I'm so lucky to have been treated to a ticket for the cinema showing of the live performance of The Phantom of the Opera on 2 October. It is being shown here simultaneously from the Royal Albert Hall, and it is my absolute favourite musical of all time. I'm seeing it with a couple of friends which makes it even more special, but I know I will be totally transfixed to the screen the whole time so as not  to miss a single second. THANK YOU!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I remember it first being performed because I was pregnant with Becci and I desperately wanted to go to London and see it. However, ill health in my pregnancy prevented it and my mother and sister went instead. I had to wait until I turned 40 before I got to see it for the first time, and then I went again with Becci for her 18th birthday treat. So, another six years further and I get to go again!!! It will be amazing to see it being performed as a 25th Anniversary special as there is bound to be surprise performers....if the Les Miserables one is anything to go on...........and that was spectacular. So, joy of joys, happy, happy me!
Sue xx

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