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Monday, 19 September 2011

Christmas in lights!!

I spent the whole day sticking and drawing lines on cards for our mammoth card making session at work today! It was so relaxing, and peaceful, but then when I am busy doing something like this, I can totally lose myself in it and the time simply flies by. So we sat there, together, me and one of our ladies. First I cut all the cardstock in half, then I drew black squiggly lines at the top of it and she added the tiny balloons after that which I had also punched out of lovely sparkly coloured paper. Tomorrow I am going to stamp each and every one; we have to produce 350!! Actually it was the fact that the design we were working with last week was just too difficult for our clients to cope with and was taking too long to produce sufficient numbers per day that persuaded me we needed to re-think our plan. I was inspired by something I had seen elsewhere but it was the small balloon punch that decided it for me in the end. I envisage a lot of balloon punching this week!!! Several other people commented that they liked the design so I am thinking I will use it for my own cards later on as well! One of my colleagues put forward a suggestion that I run a workshop for all my colleagues to make Christmas cards one evening in November if the interest is there; I said it was fine, so let's wait and see. It might be fun actually. I need to have a go once my inks arrive...did I mention that the poster I wanted never ever arrived? I was so disappointed with the airmail service, but when I told the company I had not received the poster they did return my money which I thought was pretty decent of them. But I would have preferred getting my lovely lady!! For a time I kept hoping she would magically appear in the post but sadly that has not happened. Maybe she was not meant to come and live with me after all...
Sue xx

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