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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn chill

in the house, from the terrible stormy weather of the past couple of days, but it is way too soon to cave in and turn the heating up, isn't it?! Instead the cats cuddle up even closer to me on the settee and Finka has already started getting under the blanket that we use to catch all the cat hairs, and sleeps under it all night. Once the rads do go on, she will be thrilled to see their cat hammock re-appear as if by magic and she can warm her body up against it to her heart's content!!
And with cooler weather comes the search for temperature appropriate clothing, hidden under all the summer attire and in need of washing and ironing, trying on, deciding whether I still like it or not....mixing and matching to make as many different outfits from the tiny choice that I have in my wardrobe.......and wishing I was now those few extra kilos lighter!!!
The requests for Christmas Cards are coming in too!! One of my colleagues saw the ones I had made at work with the clients last week, and promptly asked if I would do some for her too. They are so simple, but I think that is the way I am going to leave them this year. Nothing fancy or over-done; a good stamped image and maybe a ribbon or a smidgeon of glitter or little gem..............I'm also going to be making some Thank you cards for someone who is getting married next week, so I have lots to occupy my time with once the coming week is over. Then my work starts to get more patchy and less regular and I have more time on my hands than I need. Though I was very happy to hear that another colleague is planning her holiday for February!! The winter months are so difficult for us folk who work for others when they are on leave or sick etc. Summer is hectic but the rest of the year is sporadic and school holidays are so welcome! But I have still got some days left, and I cannot wait until my friend Jackie is here in October. Just four more weeks!
Starting to feel more than a little sleepy right now, so having abandoned all hope of staying awake during the film on tv once I remembered I'd seen it before, I am going to lie in bed, dream awhile and hopefully drift off into a blissful faraway place...................until morning.
Sue xx

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