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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


. . . . a day off!!! Not that it will be relaxing - too much to get done starting with an hours worth of ironing which I am SO glad I got out of the way first this morning. And sending emails to companies who are disappointing in their quality of service and delivery; waiting such a long time again from something that was sent first class on 15th September!!! Too long wouldn't you agree? And yesterday I wanted to kick off the Christmas present scene with an order. . but no, that wasn't possible either! Frustrations are running high my friends!!

The weather is the consolation prize this week. I am thinking pansies in pots - aren't you? Over the weekend I pulled up the summer plants and exposed the earth underneath but since I have a zero tolerance for empty flower beds I am hoping to fill a few gaps today. In my head I am planning the best and most economical route for the car to take. Living in a small village things are always a trip away, and there are road diversions a-plenty around here right now. So the Aldi is in one village, the Gamma in another, the supermarket in another etc. And I need to throw in the garden centre somewhere in the midst of all that!!
Oh, and the vets for Finka. She's been 'called up' for a jab... which means both cats make the journey together to prevent any fighting upon their return home. Works a treat to take them both together in the same basket, and now we have Dreamies as their reward, it ought to be a doddle!????
I am almost done with the preparation of 700 cards for work. Almost. Not quite there but really don't want to even do one today!! I have had a belly full now, so am going to design another set to break the monotony of it all. By the time I want to get into making ours I think they will be so far removed from these ones as I can design! Though now I have got my paper the itch to begin is getting stronger. Just waiting for the right moment, and this heatwave is not it! Still got to do the wallpaper stripping this week, Jackie - sorry! Not got round to it as yet and that wall is definitely Saturdays job, no excuses please!
Sue xx

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