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Sunday, 4 September 2011

just a suggestion........

but if you want to speak to me then phone earlier in the day!!!! This is a household that gets up early and goes to bed early, and if that phone rings past 9.30pm then there is little chance it will be answered! Especially over the weekend as Tim gets up at one in the morning to go to work - so come Saturday evening, he goes to bed early to catch up on the hours he missed; me too!!! And don't forget the one hour time difference - we are ahead one hour from the UK!!!
Me, I hardly ever make calls on our house phone and am seriously thinking of stopping with it. We don't need it really, and if I can cut our costs by doing without, then so much the better. Having the social networks etc makes it so much easier to communicate without worrying about how much it is going to cost people. Especially when you are in different countries! So, happy to skype, happy to email, but phone at another time in the day please!!!
Sue xx

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