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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The weekend

Well, these are the two days before my last week of work, so I am enjoying them! Yesterday started off dullish but there was a hint of sun from about 10 o'clock onwards, and yes, it finally came out around 11.00. I sat in the garden to read and close my eyes occasionally which was most pleasant I can tell you!
Tim came home with some delicious pieces of gateau for us, and that was the treat later on. When he came in I was busy making Orange and Cinnamon Biscuits, and he was delighted! He'd apparently told the baker that HE was going to make then when he got home, but since I was already busy...........leave it to mum! What we did decide to do today, is make some Mango Chutney. His vote, I wanted to do tomato, but we can always do that another time. I love the smell of chutney making!!! And it is perfect timing to start making them now. But it is still early as I sit here, unable to sleep in this morning due to my efficient body clock! So I'm getting little quiet jobs done, the ones that don't wake the house and neighbours up too soon on a Sunday morning, but which are on my 'to do' list today!

Next week, when I am not busy every day, I have to start wallpaper stripping. It's time, because Jackie will be here in 3 weeks and I have to be ready. It is a good motivator! The trick is finding the balance between how long I anticipate it will take me, and when the right moment to start to give me the perfect amount of pressure and stress to complete it on time, is going to be. Plus if I start sooner, I can do more...
the counter to all this is that I hate doing it!!!! I know once I get started it will be fine, but there is a part of me that wants to strip the bedroom as well, only I hate the disruption and mess, and moving furniture etc. and then having to live for ever in a room that is bare!!! But we'll see how energetic and interested I am able to become, eh?.................

but for now I am going to start stamping some Christmas cards!!!
Sue xx

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