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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday already?!

This week has slid along in a foggy haze for me as I have been unwell for most of it. Still not quite on top of things yet but the fuzziness in my head is starting to clear thank goodness!! I have low blood pressure which is fine most of the time, but when I am ill, it plummets even further and I have a much shorter tolerance for doing things during a day. Especially when working! The start is ok but towards the end of the morning I am desperately in need of my lunch, and then the afternoon starts ok for about an hour before the eventual slump into a more sleepy state around 3 o'clock. After that I am useless to man and beast!! So sleeping really long nights and doing as little to exert myself as possible has been the main aim this week.
The weather looks positive this morning anyway - there is a beautiful sky outside and the wind has dropped and it all looks amazingly autumnal and gorgeous this morning. In front of me lies the pile of Christmas cards I am working on, still trying my best not to spend anything on them and relying solely on using up the leftovers from my stash. It's quite a challenge but interesting to get the stamps out and try the combinations out until I am satisfied with the results. I like to make only one of every design!! I do need to get some refills for my inks however and some thin ribbon and some cardstock.....next month hopefully. Anything more would be just me 'desiring' stuff and it not being 'essential' . . .cutting back in every way I know!!!
Have a good day where ever you may be.
Sue xx

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