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Friday, 29 April 2011

A right royal wedding day!

Having turned my TV on just now, BBC 1 is already full of news stories about the wedding and how the country will be celebrating it today. Cheering hoards behind the camera crews, waving flags and banners, it is all fantastic to see and be a part of. Our flag is outside too - tomorrow the street will be a mass of Dutch flags as it is The Queen's Day here on 30 April every year, but for 'one day only' the Union Jack will take centre stage - yey!
I wonder if our friends are already in their places somewhere along the processional route - good luck Clare and Alice if you are out there somewhere!!! Hopefully it won't rain until later on today - given all the beautiful weather recently it would be a shame if today it rains.........but we have no control over that really.
It looks as though it will be a nice day here though much cooler, with a rise in temperatures during the weekend. I have to admit that I am looking forward to some uninterrupted sleep as for the last 4 nights the alarm has been going off ridiculously early so that Tim is on time in the bakery. At 3am this morning, I was not a happy bunny!!! After that I slept fitfully, so in and out of deep sleep, and now I feel really tired with pricking eyes and a heavy head. Ah well, this morning all I have to do is sit with the cats and enjoy a wonderful moment in two people's and a nation's history.
Sue xx

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Ineke said...

Veel plezier, Suzanne! Ik ben benieuwd naar haar jurk en alle hoedjes en jurken van de gasten! :-)