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Saturday, 9 April 2011


Not such a promising start as yesterday at this hour, but the forecast is good. There are too many clouds right now to say whether it is going to be another ' do nothing but sit in the back garden' day or not. I am hoping it will be! Several things to get done first, or rather, scattered at odd intervals during the day. First a trip into town to sort out some business - happy story but saving for later - and then a long overdue visit to my hairdresser - haven't been for months and it shows!!! - and then I need to think about repairing our sun screen at the front window. Since we are currently having some plague issues here - as in the biblical sense only so far no locusts ( have had ants!! ) the latest one was the snapping of the belt that hoists it up and down. It is now permanently down, which we are not amused by, as it is not necessary and I tend to bang my head on it a lot! I know it is a pulley system but I haven't got any rope to tie it back up in place, and alone it will only lead to more headaches when it falls on my head again!! Ouch, that is incredibly painful I found out!!
And the clematii are growing FAST. I was thinking I had more time to get some trellis in place but NO, they are whizzing up so fast I need to get some this weekend if possible. I discussed it yesterday with our neighbour, so I reckon I need to take measurements, do some recon down at the DIY stores and decide what I need for the job. Then it can get done please!?!

One week today and Tim turns 18. I'd thought I would have plenty of time during the coming week for all the preparations etc but it turns out that I will only have Friday and Saturday morning to do what  I have to do! It does feel kind of wonderful to think that he has survived this long in my care, but whilst staring independence and manhood in the face, the boy is still very much in evidence. One minute being sensible, practical, rational, solid, and the next impossible, tempestuous, irrational, annoying, frustrating - a teenager full-on!! We are giving him a driving lesson as his present, cos here it is 18 when you start to learn to drive. However, the laws are changing in September this year, and kids will be allowed to learn at 17 AND drive with people who have got their licences for a number of years already. I hope this will work in our favour and reduce the number of paid lessons Tim will require, but  we need to see how he gets on with the first one! Must sort out the flag....................

Just rambling on a tad this morning but that's due to the early start. Waking up at 5.30am and taking Tim to work so I can use my bike today, sort of gets the day going sooner than I find agreeable! But it provides great study time, thinking and planning time, coffee drinking time, blogging, and all those other silly little things that you can do before it reaches a reasonable time to put the washing machine on!!!!
Sue xx

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