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Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter pictures

Finka & Genghis snuggled up together.

I know its my birthday - let me sleep!

This is where the sun is first thing in the morning!

My favourite flower.

Easter Blooms!

The serious shelf.

Old favourites shelf.

Where I do my dreaming shelf!!

So this is a selection from yesterday when I was using the camera to shoot birthday photos of  Genghis. It was so warm he was hardly outside, so hence these are all indoor shots. He went for a short wander from the back garden, to the corner, and round to the front door, but that was it!! He is currently lying asleep on the window sill here in my snug whilst I type this up!! The two cats are inseparable, that's for sure. I suppose being Siamese, that makes sense.............
Then I took some shots around the room, of our pretty flowers - which were mostly lying scattered under the table this morning curtesy of Miss Finka - and some of the bookshelves. In some things I am very ordered - not obsessive ( well, a tad, maybe) but I like to be precise with books. Have the ones I love the most to hand, for a spot of reading every now and then. And my study books are increasing steadily so they have a whole shelf already!!! My dream shelf has books about England and places to visit in the world, and interior decorating, cos I love that. Then there is a gardening shelf underneath as they are the largest books and the heaviest I guess.......and then there is always the Other Book Case - the one with.............maybe I'll shoot that one today!!!
Sue xx

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