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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The complications of tax forms

Things change here when your child turns 18 so I am trying really hard to figure out what I need to do as regards tax information, and probably getting into a helluva pickle in the process!! I have no idea whether I am doing right from wrong, but I am trying so hard to be an honest and upstanding citizen however, so my intentions are 100% honourable, your honour!!! I think I may need to seek advice yet again...........either I will end up paying too much tax or not enough, and we all know who usually wins in this race, right?!!
So anyway, I hope I have sorted out Tims health stuff by sending in the forms via the internet this evening but as to my own - well, another story entirely.
I have had no luck with the job applications. Didn't really expect I would so disappointed but not down-hearted this time. It is summer and my colleagues all need holidays so there is enough work to go round for the coming 3 months. I expect I will be more worried once they are over, so the autumn will see a return to my anxieties on this score unless something comes up out of the blue before then. Please!!
At the moment my thoughts are turning to trying to complete everything for the first year of my study. I need to start learning things off by heart for the theory exam, which means basically knowing all the different approaches to counselling as well as the ethics and code of conduct etc. One go at this exam is included in the course fee for this year so I d... well need to pass. It is an oral exam so rather nerve-wracking I feel, as there is no hiding whether you know the stuff or not!!! Scary thing is you have to book it yourself, when you think you are ready to take it; I know for sure that I am telling NO-ONE until after I have passed!! That's right, not even you!! This week I have to concentrate on my written work so I am sort of hoping for cooler weather and a desire to sit indoors at the computer and want to write and write and write. Think it will happen?
Well, today it was cooler slightly and I worked all day which was enjoyable. Tim is up early all week so that means I set my alarm clock 5 minutes after his goes off, listen to see whether he gets up or not, and then once I hear him get his bike and go, I try to sleep again. Sort of works most times, only my anxiety is greater than his so I tend to worry when he doesn't move as fast out of bed as I think he ought!!! His responsibility......I know...............
Sue xx

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