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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An indoor forest?!!

It is getting interesting in Westminster Abbey!! Apparently there is going to be an English countryside theme going on...with these Maples trees lining the way to the altar!! I can't wait to see the finished thing! Wedding fever has certainly taken over in London and the whole UK. Every time I read the papers or listen to the news this is the main story, and I can see how easy it is to get caught up in the whole event. There are even people camping out in front of the abbey for the last 3 nights to ensure they get the best view of the happy couple!! My dedication does not go that far though friends of ours are going to be in London on Friday so I wish them a super time. Kentish wine is also being served at one of the palace 'do's' so that is keeping it all nice and local too. 
I was reading about the wedding in the Dutch papers at work yesterday and it was fascinating to see the difference in what is being reported or talked about, even with my colleagues. One of them was surprised that William is not having a wedding ring - how was that going to work in the ceremony she wondered - but we have different traditions to other countries and it is no big deal really. I am hoping for a degree of informality in the midst of a truly formal occasion however, as it really is only all about a boy getting married to his girl..............and love. Aahhhhhhh. I am a romantic at heart that's for sure!!!
Sue xx

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