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Monday, 25 April 2011

Its back to normal tomorrow!

The Easter break is almost over for another year. This time it was truly sunny and hot and delicious just spending time out of doors - everywhere. So many people out on their bicycles and motorbikes - even me!  I managed two rides over the weekend - mostly after having eaten too much first - and it was very pleasant. Must do it more often! There were also many, many boats in all shapes and sizes on the water around where we live - from the fancy to the very basic, 'this is still afloat isn't it'? variety. The cats have been in and out like jojo's, seeking sun or shade depending on how hot they were feeling at the time. The preferred evening spot is now the mat in front of the front door, where the sun shines in just perfectly for cats. I have the sun blind down so there is no chance of a few rays whilst sitting on the settee until later on!
I did some window-cleaning too. Not a job I enjoy cos I am terribly bad at it, but it was overdue really and I decided it would give me something to do in between bouts on the sun lounger. Pat on the back for getting it done, Suzanne!!! Still a lot of paperwork that I have to attend to this week....really, I do. But tomorrow I am working, and Tim is doing 4 days in the bakery getting ready for 30 April. So 4 mornings of early starts - hope that alarm clock doesn't let me down tomorrow morning!!!
Sue xx

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