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Friday, 1 April 2011

Excitement turning to dismay

as I realise that TOTPs will be shown on BBC 4 this Thursday!! Why oh why not 1 or 2 so we could watch it here too??? They are starting in 1976, and I would so love to see it all over again! Make my son sit up and listen to the music of my youth for a change!!!  Ah well, maybe if it proves really popular they will switch channels..............at the moment we cannot get i-player here although there are talks of that being made available at a price, later this year. It would take us right back down memory lane wouldn't it?....

At the moment I am being seduced by the smell of Brownies cooling in the oven, for tomorrow. If they have turned out well I am taking them to my study day. A little treat for all our hard work!!! Tomorrow we are presenting which is not my favourite thing to do when I know the audience; stand me up in front of as many unknown faces as you like and I feel at ease. But, family, friends or colleagues, and its another matter. You are listening to the girl who made her grandma sit in another room when she wanted to hear me play piano!!! Singing to myself in the car or living room or kitchen is super, but an audience?????
Last night we had our 20 minutes of singing tuition from the singing teacher who comes fortnightly to choir practice. I have to say I do love it! It is so helpful learning the proper techniques and how to make the right sound. Sadly there were only 9 of us present, which continues to be an extreme worry for the rest of us. We simply cannot manage much longer if we don't boost our membership fast. Good thing is we are learning a couple of songs from Phantom so I am in heaven!!! I enjoy that so much more than the Beatles and some of the other songs in our repertoire. I missed the Beatles completely (too young) and never really got into them. Nor the Stones - I was a true child of the 70's not the 60's. But we have our committee meeting next week so no doubt there will be lots to discuss again.

Tim and I are watching Masterchef the Professionals together. I know it is an old series but still, we do enjoy it especially trying to decide who we like the best!! It helps that it is on after Bondi as that is Tim's favourite programme in the early evening scheduling. We usually have dinner watching that at 6pm, and then Masterchef just naturally follows on. It always interests us how many of the chefs lack in their pastry skills - puddings are sometimes disastrous, yet they are what appeal to us the most. Sometimes it does make me want to try one or two of them, ones I have got plenty of recipes for but never tried. Or have tried but been unimpressed with the result. I have narrowed it down to three for Tim's birthday; just not sure which two I really want to go with....................at the moment it is worrying how many of the recipes seem to involve alcohol...........................

Been busy with birthday cards since April is one of the busiest months for  us as regards birthdays. I have a lot of friends who are born under the sign of Aries. I wonder what the attraction is between them and me as a Pisces? You can almost guarantee that when I get on really well with someone new, and then get to hear when they have their birthday, it will be in this sign. Even down to the student at work!!!
For me, I think it has to do with their down-to-earth-ness which I am lacking in so many ways. I always feel they are braver than me too. Moving forward with me tagging along behind until I felt ready to take my share. More earthy, grounded, sensible, practical......not many of them are dreamers like me!!! When I was on holiday with Gebke, she was totally the one who was prepared for every eventuality and had the sensible dress and baggage etc. I was better with timing and getting where we needed to be in plenty of time, but she was more practical and laid back about it all. Perhaps it is the complimentary nature of our two signs that makes us compatible as friends? Anyway, what ever it is, happy birthday to all my friends this month!!!
Sue xx

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