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Friday, 29 April 2011

All very lovely wasn't it?

I did enjoy watching the whole royal shenanigans  today, and am delighted that there were no hiccups or unexpected disasters and that everything went off according to plan, precisely. As are we all, no doubt - all 2 billion estimated viewers around the world!! Ann and I exchanged several texts as events unfolded which was fun as it made it feel a more shared experience. I loved the dress - simple and understated but extremely intricate and well designed. Not everyone was well dressed with one or two fashion faux pas happening, even in the most royal circles....I really don't know how Bea and Eugenie manage to get it so wrong every single time!!!! And that hat was simply ridiculous, I'm sorry to say!
Our Queen was sweet too - and obviously happy to see her grandson get married, and got a good cheer from the crowd. I loved those trumpet fanfares and the music, especially the newly commissioned piece played whilst they were signing the register. But then I am a fan of Rutter's work no matter what it is!! The whole day was a delight and I am sure made memorable for all the very best of reasons. Where were The Red Arrows when the flypast went by?.......surely they could have done their signature red, white and blue smoke!!!
No doubt the partying in the palace will go on for hours; I've heard Harry is in charge and has ordered bacon butties for 5am tomorrow morning!!!! Will he see more of the maid of honour do we think?...........several hints being made out there, folks!!
And no one could be in any doubt about where Diana was today - numerous mentions and references and conversations included her at every chance there was. She was there, no doubt about that. All in all, a good day was had by everyone. And all those street parties happening throughout the country!
My lasting memory of the one in 1977 has to be Pete's dad's home made wine. That was so strong, I remember dancing back down our street with my dad, something he never normally did!! And having to go to the Green Man pub the next morning with Pete for the 'hair of the dog'. I distinctly recall my bed moving around as though I was in a hammock in a force 10 gale way out at sea, the whole night long........yuk!!
This time it was a glass or two of sparkling rose, and numerous cups of coffee, nothing more. Cheers!
Sue xx

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