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Thursday, 21 April 2011


...Your Majesty.
Our Queen is 85 years old today which is pretty amazing I think. Just listening to Radio 2 and the National Anthem is coming up shortly!!!

Yes, I am patriotic I guess. I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of tradition and heredity and of belonging. I was looking at the photos of my friends walk along Beachy Head, this morning, and thinking how wonderful it would be to just go out and do that in the weekend................I felt twinges!!! For a moment I forgot my worries and cares, and just enjoyed their lovely walk from a distance.
Tim and I are thinking about plucking up courage to drive down to France and across the puddle home later on this year.........if we are brave enough........if the roads are quiet enough.......if it is light enough.........if it is cheap enough.........if desire wins over fear!!! Ha!!

But today is a day for doing as little as possible once I have got through my chores. The local bakery has told Tim he can make my Lemon Cake there this morning as they were happy with the one I had made
( 9am and the National Anthem plays - all stand). and if it works out then they are adding it to their wares!! Have to admit, I would be chuffed if they do...............
the sun is high in the sky and it is warm enough to wear shorts - wow! No wind either so a day for the sun lounger I think. Hope it lasts over the bank holiday weekend......would be nice.
Now, it is cheap petrol day at the pumps so I am off to get in the queue!!
Sue xx

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