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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Super weekend

This weekend our son turned 18 so it has been somewhat hectic. Things got off to a wonderful start Friday morning...............and continued all weekend. The sun shone, though better today, and we hope everyone had a good time. Tim was dead chuffed with all his cards and gifts - he especially enjoyed the ones from Becci & Ric and Inekes ( where did she get my photo from, mum?). We made way too much food of course, and now have the 'left-overs' in the fridge, but since they are mainly cakes and desserts - ouch!!! My poor diet is really taking a beating right now!
I was up with the larks this morning as well, baking cupcakes and brownies to take for a birthday in Amsterdam. I was happy with the result, but since I did this on commission, then I am waiting to hear whether or not everyone at the party thought they were good or not............it was the first time I had ever tried to drive into the centre of Amsterdam too!!! Not faultless by any means but that map was a godsend getting into the centre; coming back we relied on Tom and discovered a totally different route!!!! But I have to admit, it was not too difficult since we came out near Ijburg and then I knew where we were going.
The rest of the afternoon I have spent in the garden whilst the sun shone, with the cats, in between bouts of housework and washing etc. I gather we are to expect a lovely Easter weekend, but I am working on Good Friday, by the way, so it will be the usual one for me. Tim will spend the week afterwards in the bakery for 4 days which he is looking forward to. And, they loved my Lemon Cake so much that Tim can try and make it there this Thursday so they can try it out in the shop  - yey!!!! Now if they liked my Carrot Cake as well.................:-)
I have photos to share but that will be tomorrow. I can feel my eyes prickling so I suspect it will be an early night for me, to catch up on my beauty sleep at last.
Hope your weekend is a good one too everyone.
Sue xx

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