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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Over ambidextrousness and mouse thumbs.....

I was reading Ineke's current post just now, and could so identify with her tale about being ambidextrous. I do a lot of the same things as she, especially with regards to sport. No backhands for me - I just flip the racket from left to right hand and hit a wide forehand! Catching and throwing are somewhat hit and miss since my aim is always off course - playing rounders at school was interesting. I would stand at the base with bat in my left hand and wait whilst all the fielders shuffled round a bit in the outer field....and then miss!!! I recall just standing there with my eyes shut whenever a ball was heading in my direction as a fielder, as I was never ever going to catch it. I can throw with both hands, I'm just not very good at it. Going up a ladder is hard; I never know which foot to place first on the rail....a true dominant foot I haven't got!! Becci is even more crossed laterally; she writes with her right hand and eats left-handedly!! A simple question of heredity Becs. I am pre-dominantly left handed in most things apart from using scissors. These I do neatly with my right hand. I paint with both hands too, now I think of it. I can write with both hands and am especially talented at mirror writing; seems to be the most natural way to go for me. As to the mouse.....I use it right-handedly and have no problem, but I do suspect there are some ergonomic design faults at work, Ineke!! As an OT I can assure you that it exists and with over-usage and incorrect placement, you will have a problem.

I have been busy outside in the sunshine this morning, cleaning the slabs and in between them in the back garden. I also cleaned under the table and the umbrella stand - wow! My little bottle of cleaner from Action worked perfectly!! I had given some to our neighbour yesterday and when I was hanging out of the upstairs windows this morning cleaning them, I noticed theirs was remarkably clean too. What a euro will do for you, folks!!! It all looks so much better already, so we are keeping everything crossed that next weekend the sun will shine again................

On the Daily Mail pages today there is a lengthy article about the Menopause, which having read it, I don't know whether to laugh or cry!! It states that the average age for women to start is 52, in the UK. Then famous and other women go on to relate their experiences. Very few seem to have had an easy passage!! Me, I still really don't seem to have got there, even though all my friends have, practically, and I am still waiting for those dreadful hot flushes and tears, and sweats, and emotional instability, and loss of my womanhood...................or maybe I am the one who is going to sail through without even noticing? PLEASE!!!!!
Sue xx

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