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Saturday, 6 December 2008

what was I doing at 4am this morning?!!!

SCRAPPING!!!! My husband was snoring his head off and I was just lying there wide awake which is kind of time wasted in my eyes, so I got up and went into my little room and painted some magnolias and made 4 tags a la Tim Holtz style cum my own. I have finished one off but the other 3 need thinking about! I have to be up at 6am anyway to get my son off to work on time, make his lunch etc and see to the cats, so what is an extra hour or two anyway.....! We celebrated Sinterklaas yesterday - we only had a nice dinner together, no presents as we save that for Christmas, but it was nice. This weekend we are getting the decorations out and deciding the colour scheme etc and what will go where. Always with a sherry in hand and the carol CD in the background! I am so in the mood!!! Nearly all cards made ready for posting, last parcels etc, and then it is the baking that takes over. Love it! Tim is going to stay with his sister in England between Christmas and New Year so maybe Peter and I will go to Germany for a couple of nights, especially if there is snow there. He likes Sauerland but I think that is a very long drive from here so a bit closer to home would be better. But nothing definite planned. What are all of you doing? Who is coming next weekend to the Scrapfever day in Blaricum? I hope everyone turns up and we have a great time there. I have persuaded Peter to drive me there as I cannot see well enough to drive in the dark. I have that night blindness problem actually. It is a pain but I don't know anyone else who is going from this part of the country so no choice! Well, time for my shower and the day can start properly from now on. Boys are off to work so we have the rest of the day to ourselves and to await STRICTLY's quarter final this evening!!!!! I do so want Rachel and Vincent to win!!! bye, Sue x

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