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Monday, 22 December 2008

Post -weekend catch-up

A batch of Mince Pies!! Thank goodness I have some in the freezer too, 'cos they are all gone!!! Traditionally I make the last batch on Christmas Eve so still one lot to go!! Jummy!
Here is our gorgeous Genghis Khan...recovering from his upset. He has got the whole chair and hot water bottle to himself..aaah! Thankfully he seems to be totally fine again, so the worry is over.
So, what about Strictly then?! Do you agree with the outcome or not - there seems to be a great debate so I am waiting for the BBC breakfast news to interview Tom and Camilla this morning, because............FIASCO!!!! Couldn't believe it Sunday morning! Ann came round to watch the final with us, we saw 20 minutes before - BLANK SCREEN!!! Apparently when we went round to our neighbours, I must have switched the recorder OFF...............nothing!!!!! Fortunately our back-up was that Ann would record it as well, in case of....so we dashed round to hers, pulled the settee closer to the set, and watched the FINAL. Or did we?!!!!
Half way through the recording Ann started to worry that she had not set it for long enough............and sure enough, after the last dance, the recording STOPPED. Nothing we could do! I had guessed the outcome - because I feel Tom got all the sympathy votes rather than great dancing votes - but we checked on the site, and then have had to wait until this morning to see it on BBC breakfast TV! Next year we will do better!!!!! We really wanted Rachel and Vincent to win because they were fantastic and such a delightful couple. But I had in the back of my mind that everything that is said during the interviews etc also tends to influence the voting public greatly. A delayed wedding....being everyone's 'little brother'....a partner who has been in the semi-final twice and never the final....all this sort of talk does pay dividends in the end. I did enjoy their show dance but it was typical Camilla; she always goes for the comic act - remember her and James? and I rather wish she would do something different. It is interesting that a programme like Strictly can cause so many debates and furore all over the country! Bring back "THE GOOD OLD DAYS' show I say!!!!!
Have a great day,
sue x

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