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Thursday, 4 December 2008

the hunt is on!!!

The things we do first thing in the morning!! My friend is searching for the Wii Fit game for her son and it is sold out everywhere she tries. I got a mail from her this morning saying that her last hope was also gone, so I sat here and googled!! And low and behold, I think I found one for her!!! She is busy trying to order it now, at her house, and they promise a delivery time of tomorrow so our fingers are crossed that this one arrives on time! I remember years ago my neighbours ringing around all the shops whilst I was working because Becci wanted this dog on a lead that would waddle along behind her - but from Father Christmas! And he cannot disappoint a child can he now?...So when they had found one and reserved it for me, I had to drive miles to the shop to pick it up after work!! She was so nosey when it came to finding her presents that I always had to hide them at our neighbours house until late on Christmas Eve when I felt it was safe to fetch them for under the tree! Since she gets her desire to know what she has got for Christmas from me.....yes, I am just the same!...I could completely understand her feelings. Half the pleasure for me is knowing what is in that package and imagining what I am going to do with it before I even get hold of it! Same as going out and buying presents: I love deciding what someone will love, and trying my best to find something suitable for them. I don't see the point in giving for the sake of giving something; it has to be meaningful. Well, now I have to go to work, so can't wait to hear this afternoon whether she has got it or not!! cheers, Sue x

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