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Monday, 22 December 2008

One Little Word for 2009

It is really hard to decide on one word for a whole year!! But I am trying my best to think of an appropriate one for myself. I know my own flaws ( no, really, I do!!!!) and probably the biggest one of all is my tendency to be hyper-sensitive. I'm that kind of gal! I get easily bruised my the brittleness of others, and I can be hurt by the teeny tiniest of remarks or insensitive comments. I am so aware of atmospheres and insaid thoughts that it can be quite a nightmare at times. I wouldn't want to change myself, but I think I have to come up with a word that helps me keep my ultra-sensitivity under wraps on more occasions this coming year! What would that be, I wonder? What word sums up a need to be tougher without losing my intuitiveness; assertive but yet caring and empathetic; aware of others feelings but not undermining my own.....if you can think of one for me, please help!!!!! Ali Edwards set me off thinking about this again, just now, and I do believe it is a useful and self-protecting idea so I plan to do it! Sue x ps. I am having a keyboard for my 50th birthday from Peter!! chose it today -yippee!!!

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